Sabrina is an ideal bag to carry your parties, very easy, simple, fast and fun to perform. A small bag that offers immense fashion possibilities. You can wear it with a chain or with a long removable strap to be able to cross it on a shoulder strap, which makes it a safe bet wherever you go. Its capacity offers the necessary space to carry the essential. 




10” High x 9” Wide x 3 ½” Deep

(23,5 cm H x 30 cm W x 9 cm D)


The Sabrina Bag is suited to Intermediate Level


Exterior Fabric: 50 cm (1/2 yard) Approx.
- Lining Fabric: 50 cm (1/2 yard) Approx.
- Piece contrast: 50 cm (1/2 yard) Approx.
- Fusible Interfacing (Middleweight): 50 cm (1/2 yard)
- Foam Interfacing or Fleece (Middleweight) 50 cm (1/2 yard) approx.
- Coordinating Thread
- Double Sided Tape: 6 mm (1/4”)
- Masking Tape (Optional)
- Rivets
- Glue for faux leather or fabric (Depending on the material you will use for the contrast)
- 1 Zipper: 20 cm (8”)
- 4 grommets (3/8”) (1cm)
- 2 Swivel Hooks (3/4” – 2 cm inner diameter)--- You can also include 2 gate rings (3/4 " -- 2cm
to place the swivel hooks more easily)
- Chain (20”---- 50cm)
- 2 Swivel Hooks and 1 Adjustable Slider (Optional to add Shoulder Strap) (3/4” -----2cm)
- 4 Metal feet (Optional)
-1 Magnetic Snap Set



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